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What’s hot!

So what’s hot this year in the world of healthy living? We still love superfoods, sipping bone broth & apple cider vinegar, diffusing our essential oils, and increasing our healthy fats but there are new trends that are emerging and expanding this year.

These are my top picks for this 2018:

All Things Good
for the Gut
Probiotics are still a hot topic this year. Not only has kombucha and kefir exploded but consuming all types of fermented foods is getting even more attention in 2018.
The Brain
is the Focus

In 2018 more attention is being put on brain health and how your decisions today can affect it long term.  The conversations around healthy lifestyles and proper supplementation will become even bigger this year.

Take Care
of You
It is time to take care of yourself. While eating right and moving your body are great places to start– you must make time to unplug, find gratitude, and be the best version of yourself. Let 2018 be the year you take care of you!

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Move over
Make room for the Ketogenic diet trend. The standard keto diet focuses on higher fat consumption, low carbohydrates, and moderate protein. The goal of this diet is to reach a metabolic state of ketosis which uses fat for energy versus glucose. Always consult your doctor before starting a new diet.
The Added
It is all about powders and adding them to your beverages and foods. Turmeric, which can be used to make golden milk, remains strong. Collagen, moringa, mushrooms, and maca are just some other examples that are continuing to grow in popularity.
Eating All of The PlantsPlant-based diets continue to grow in popularity. The focus on consuming real & nutrient-dense foods, animal rights, and environmental concerns have all been drivers for plant-based lifestyles. Beyond Burgers is just one example of the increased demand for plant-based products.

Those are some of the hot trends for 2018. Which one are you most excited about this year?