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Fruit Cake!

A favorite holiday time spice cake made with chopped candied fruit, dried fruit, and nuts.


Baguette Bread

Bakery fresh Farm to Market baguettes — perfect for crostini!


Red Velvet Torte

8″ triple-layer with cream cheese whipped topping.


Saxon Asiago Fresco

Asiago Fresco is a young cheese with delicate, smooth, open texture, presenting a fresh, creamy milk flavor with a slight citrusy tang.

party perfect

Store Made Holiday Trays

Let us help with your holiday party!

all natural

Pomegranate Juice

Made from the fruit of the pomegranate tree, the juice is high in potassium.


Wendel’s Breads

Wendel’s Breads are all-natural, GMO free, low in calories, made with no added fat or refined sugar, and rich in whole grains. Best of all, they are delicious!


Katz Donuts

Perfect for any age, these donuts merge delicious donut flavors with gluten-free for the perfect anytime snack!


Beef Rib Roast

Nothing says elegance on your holiday table like a standing rib roast. Also known as prime rib, this is sure to impress any guest.


Whole trimmed Brisket

Perfect for your traditional holiday meal!

meat counter

Beef tenderloins

Cosentino’s beef tenderloins, trimmed and tied, are the most tender cut of beef you can get.


Cornish Hens

When you want an elegant way to serve chicken, Cornish Hens can make your meal look like a royal feast!