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Would you ever eat brussel sprouts, oranges and pomegranate…together?

Probably not.

But, what if they were blended together in a tasty juice?

Fresh Produce at Cosentino’s Markets

It’s no secret that Cosentino’s Markets carry some of the freshest produce in town. 

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Our diverse selection of the highest-quality fruits and vegetables gives health-conscious customers the tools and ingredients they need to live well.

Superfoods for a Super You

What is a superfood?

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Superfoods are produce, nuts and grains, healthy fats and oils and some meats that are packed full with essential health-boosting vitamins and nutrients. Many superfoods have specific health benefits associated with them, such as promoting heart health, or reinforcing your immune system.

Juicing 101

Ok, so you know what superfoods are, but how do you use them on a daily basis?

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Juicing is an excellent way to combine superfoods to create the powerful dose of nutrients your body needs to unlock a super you.

This month, Cosentino’s will present you with healthy juicing recipes that use superfood ingredients purchased at your neighborhood Cosentino’s Market.

We’ll walk you through the steps of turning raw veggies into deliciously nutritious beverages that will fuel your mind and body.

Enter to Win Your Own Juicer!

The Brookside and Downtown Markets are each giving away a “Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer” juicer to one lucky winner!

Enter here for your chance to win! 


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Start juicing today!