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The Holidays are here!

Are you ready for the holidays? It’s the season to be joyful not stressful, right?

We all have added stress this time of year and it comes in different ways. Over committing, over spending, over eating…the list goes on and on.

Too much stress can lead to handfuls of issues. Gut problems, fatigue, anger, depression, overeating, and alcohol abuse just to name a few. But how do you start to reduce stress?

Here are some tips to start the holidays with a little balance.

  1. Have a plan. You can’t be everywhere and do everything during the holiday season, so start with making a of list of the gifts you plan to buy, dinners you plan to host, events you plan to attend, time you plan to volunteer, etc. And stick with it.
  2. Ask for help. If you are throwing a party or planning a holiday event, ASK FOR HELP. People are willing to bring a dish or help with a project but don’t know you need help until you ASK.
  3. Say No. Obviously this is hard for many to do. While it may be difficult to do today, in the long run it will help reduce stress and won’t ruin relationships if you do it in a kind way.
  4. It isn’t always about giving stuff. Donate your time, share your favorite recipe, and even just spend some time with those who mean the most to you.
  5. Don’t forget yourself. Take a moment(s) for yourself to refresh so you can enjoy the season. This even includes getting enough exercise and sleep. It is important to continue moving your body and resting it during the holiday season.

If you start implementing these steps before the holidays get too crazy, you can help reduce your stress and enjoy the season a bit more.

Stop into our Blue Valley Cosentino’s Market or email me to learn how we can help you reduce some of that holiday stress.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy holiday season!