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1. RumChata Desserts: Cheesecake, Torte, Chocolate Fudge Cake

Made in our own bakery, these decadent sweets combine the flavor and fun of RumChata with your favorite treats.



2. The Crispery Marshmallow Rice Treats

The gooey sweetness of the marshmallow and the delectable crunch is handmade to perfection.



3. All Natural Cinnamon Roll

The perfect breakfast treat!



4. Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Ice Cream is low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar.



5. Cookie Dough Café

Gourmet edible cookie dough. This product does not contain eggs, and is specifically made to eat unbaked, so grab a spoon and dig right in!® Eat it! Don’t Bake it!®



6. Brianna’s Dressing cilantro lime

Equally great as a dressing, dip or sauce.



7.Locally Grown Peaches

Fresh ripe peaches, dripping with sweetness.



8. Locally Grown Tomatoes

Ripe and fresh off the vine with a juicy flavor that you can only get at the height of summer!



9. Peaches & Cream Sweet Corn

One of the sweetest and most tender corns ever developed.



10. Laura’s All Natural Rib Eyes 

Laura’s raises their cattle without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. In addition, the cattle are fed a vegetarian diet of natural grasses and grains – they are never fed animal by-products. And of course, no additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients are used.



11. Omega 3 Chickens

Raised on a special diet rich in polyunsaturated Omega-3.