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At Cosentino’s Markets, we believe in supporting local Kansas City companies and offering their delicious foods to our customers. See below for a listing of the wonderful companies we’re bringing to you year round.

Shatto Milk

At Shatto Milk Company, Barbara and Leroy Shatto offer milk at its finest. They do this through their dedication to the local family farm. Even though the farm began processing milk in 2003, the family has been farming for over 100 years. Through the years, they have perfected their method and offer superior tasting milk that comes from cows not treated with rbST. In addition to caring for their product, they care about the environment. Their glass bottle packaging is environmentally friendly because the bottles can be washed and reused as many times as they are returned. So, look out for the glass bottles next time you are in the dairy aisle … you can’t miss them!

Green Dirt Farm

Green Dirt Farm is located in Weston, MO where it is owned and operated by Sarah Hoffman and Jacqueline Smith. Hoffman and Smith share a strong commitment to bringing the best farmstead sheep’s milk cheeses, yogurt, and 100% grass-fed lamb to the market. They also don’t use synthetic chemicals, hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides which allows them to be an Animal Welfare Approved farm. At Green Dirt Farms, they truly celebrate community-based farms and the link between land and food.

Fine Vines Artisanal Ketchup

Bruce Steinberg of Fine Vines Artisanal Ketchup wants to bring an exciting array of flavor varieties to his customers. All the flavors are organic and versatile enough to be used as a condiment, dipping sauce or cooking ingredient. So, the next time you have a BBQ, picnic, or night dining in, make sure to try Thai ginger, smoked serrano, grill smoke, applewood, alderwood, black truffle, or The Roasterie!

Tippin’s Pies

Tippin’s Pies has been a Kansas City tradition for over 30 years because of their dedication to premium, hand-crafted desserts. To this day, they are still “the one, the only, the original.”

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates are not only delicious, but they are little works of art. These chocolates can be purchased in 4-piece, 9-piece, 16-piece, 21-piece, and 48-piece collections and range in flavor from Mango Basil, Lavender Caramel, and Citrus Praline to Pineapple and Yuzu. Ever since landing in Kansas City, Christopher’s creations have been met with excitement and rave reviews, and to this day he still makes everything by hand.

Burnham Foods

Beer Cheese Chip & Vegetable Dip might be new to the Kansas City area, but it packs a delicious punch. Burnham Foods is operated in Lee’s Summit, MO by Tina Burnham. Tina developed the idea to bring this cheesy dip to the masses when she realized how much she missed the foods of her childhood home in Kentucky. If you haven’t tried her dip, stop by the Downtown store on Thursdays from 3-7 p.m. or the Brookside store Fridays from 3-7 p.m. all summer long. Are you ready to take a dip?

Indigo Wild/Zum

Okay, so Indigo Wild isn’t a food … but they do offer amazing products that Cosentino’s is proud to carry. Their Zum line products are made from 100% pure essential oils, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, soy wax, goat’s milk, botanical extracts and other karmarific ingredients.

Mohammed’s Hummus

Mohammed’s Hummus is part of Oasis Food Products located in the heart of Westport in Kansas City, MO. This family owned and operated company strives to bring only the best and freshest spreads to their customers. Their hummus flavors range from Original to Indian Curry, with a variety of spices in between like Spicy Pepper.

Campo Lindo Farms

Just like the name suggests, Campo Lindo is a real farm where they raise all natural, free range chickens, brown eggs, turkeys, lamb and beef. The family at Campo Lindo believes in providing the highest quality, all natural foods for those living in and around Kansas City. Not only do they care about their community, but they also ensure the animals receive the best care possible.

Chef Kamal

You might already know Chef Kamal without even knowing it … his smiling face is on his packaging for hummus, baba ghanoush, shatta, falafel, mazza, and labneh for Yummy’s Choice. Chef Kamal brings his customers authentic Mediterranean food made with all natural ingredients. Since all the products are made without preservatives or additives, you are ensured to get the freshest and best quality foods.

Cooper’s Honey

Cooper’s Honey honey bees all come from the Kansas City area and surrounding Midwest region. Every year, the company packages almost 125 tons honey which allows them to partner with local beekeepers and family famers. At their Peculiar, MO location, they produce clover honey, wildflower honey, bee pollen, and beeswax.

Boys Grow

John Gordon, founder of Boys Grow, is giving area teens a taste of entrepreneurship. Through this non-profit, boys ages 12 to 15 from the inner city can learn how to grow and produce their own foods. Every year, the group chooses a new product to create and sell in area grocery stores. Past offerings have included salsa and ketchup, and this year they hope to bring a barbecue sauce to the line.

Boulevard Brewery

If you haven’t heard, Boulevard is Missouri’s second largest brewery and it’s located right here in Kansas City. Since 1989, their award winning beers have been known for full flavor, distinctive character, and unsurpassed quality. Make sure to try their newest beer, KC Pils, this summer because 10% of local sales of the beer goes directly back to Kansas City charities.

Cal-Ann Farms

Cal-Ann Farms has been a Kansas City, homegrown farm reaching back 5 generations. Currently, they operate an aquaponics system to grow produce. This form of hydroponics allows them to grow living basil that is all natural, free of synthetic pesticides, and free of traditional soil. If cared for properly, the basil will stay nice and fresh up to 2-3 times longer than cut herbs. Try out a few of their delicious recipes to really enjoy the freshest herbs around!

Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company

The Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company is a family-managed, household name in the Kansas City area, and has been in the same West Bottoms building for more than 100 years. Their diverse portfolio includes fabric care products, cleaning products, Kleen King and Steel Glo metal cleaners, Trapp – Private Gardens home fragrances, Evoque home fragrances, Garden Weasel garden tools, and Faultless by Nature dry cleaning and commercial laundry products. Even though they ship to over 30 foreign markets, they are still deeply rooted and committed to the Kansas City area.

Bread of Life Bakery

All the breads and snacks baked at Bread of Life Bakery are 100% locally grown. Their product line includes over 55 daily-made items utilizing local wheat, raw honey, and evaporated cane juice. Staying true to baking organically, they don’t use any mold inhibitors, dough conditioners, or artificial chemicals. (Currently at Brookside Market only.)