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Store Director

Neil Pint

Neil has been with Cosentino’s Market for 13 years, and strives to provide customers with the highest level of friendly, efficient and courteous service. Born and raised in Osage, Iowa, he graduated from Kirkwood Community College and Iowa State University with a degree in business. He is the proud father to his four extraordinary children: Lindsay, Lexi, Riley and Ava, and adores his granddaughter, Evelyn. He looks forward to continuing his work with the Cosentino family and serving this loyal community for many years to come.

Assistant Store Manager

John Cosentino

Arguably, John has been part of Cosentino’s Food Stores since birth. However, this is his third year as an employee. He grew up watching the generations before him form connections within the community and build relationships with their customers, and is honored to continue that tradition as a third-generation grocer. Graduating from KU with a degree in business emphasizing supply chain management, he looks forward to meeting both customers and employees, helping them find whatever they need, and solving any problem they may have.

Assistant Store Manager

Jason Bane

Jason has been in the grocery business since 1995, becoming a member of the Cosentino’s Food Stores family almost a year ago. He finds great satisfaction in helping customers feel welcome from the moment they enter the door. His mission is to ensure they leave happy and eager to shop with us again soon.

Prepared Foods Manager

John Houser

John Houser has been in the food service industry for over seventeen years, and believes food is the one universal thing that can make anybody happy.

Bakery Manager

Jesse Wealot

After nearly 15 years at Cosentino’s, Jesse takes great pride in making sure that every time you visit the Bakery Department at Cosentino’s Market – Blue Valley, you’ll find the freshest breads, cookies, cakes and other delicious bakery products.

“What I love most about my job is that it gives me another way to express myself creatively,” said Jesse, “ whether it’s designing an extravagant wedding cake or building eye-catching displays. Of course, I also really love all of the people that work around me.”

Catering Manager

Jonathan Walterman

Jonathan has been in the catering industry for 11 years, all of that time spent with Cosentino’s Food Stores. He is gifted in providing each customer with a unique menu that was specially crafted for any and all occasions. He finds great joy in helping to put a smile on the face of everyone he serves.

Produce Manager

William Carlock

William has been working in the grocery business with Cosentino’s since May 2004. He was born and raised in Kansas City, MO and takes pride in making sure the produce department is clean and well stocked with fresh produce daily. He loves working for the Cosentino’s.

Seafood Manager

Candy Houtman

Candy has been in the grocery industry for over 19 years, including nine years with Cosentino’s Food Stores. She thrives on building relationships, giving out advice and information to customers, and sharing her extensive knowledge about selecting the right fish and how to prepare it at home.


Meat Department Manager

Sunny Griffitt

Sunny has been in the grocery industry for more than 20 years, including 15 years with Cosentino’s Food Stores. His esteemed customer service reputation and ability to connect with others is a treasured resource. He works hard to provide the finest merchandise at the fairest rate.

Specialty Foods Manager

Katie Bliss

Katie has worked in this industry since 2007, joining Cosentino’s Foods Stores in March 2017. She is a wonderful asset to the team, thanks to her vast knowledge and great passion of natural and organic foods. She is excited to create awareness for healthy living and connect customers with the latest resources and products.

Starbucks Manager

Kent Beuttel

This is Kent’s first year at Cosentino’s Food Stores, and he is thrilled to be joining the team, bringing along his friendly nature and strong work ethic. He feels it is a privilege serving people by giving them the quality products they deserve.

Pharmacy Manager

Gena Milburn

Gena has been a pharmacist for 7 years now, happily spending the last two with Cosentino Food Stores. Her favorite part about her job is getting to be hands on and ensuring customers receive quality care with all their prescription needs.

Floral Manager

Leanne Cramer

Leanne has spent the last 15 years growing the Cosentino’s Floral Shop. Her ability to see a bride’s vision for her wedding day or understand the importance of a “just because” bouquet makes all her arrangements special and unique.

Receiving Manager

Rusty Brehe

Rusty has been in the grocery business over 15 years, spending his last 10 years with Cosentino’s. His ability to work with every department makes him a valuable asset to the store.