Assistant Manager

Bret McPheeters

Having been in retail management for five years, Bret is a new edition to the Cosentino's team. Coming from a pharmacy background and a history in bakery dating back to his birth, his focus remains the same: take care of the customers in whatever way possible and bring innovation to the Downtown Market.

Assistant Manager

Neil Pint

Neil has been at Cosentino's Market over 8 years and goes out of his way every day to keep customers happy, whether it’s running to another location for product or delivering groceries to their homes customers are his first priority.

Meat and Seafood Departments Manager

Bryan Walburn

After 21 years of working at Cosentino’s Bryan still loves taking care of their valuable customers. His primary duties include taking care of any customer requests and making sure that his display cases are full, fresh, and inviting.

Prepared Foods Manager

Ian Tilbury

Ian has been with Cosentino's since February 2013 and is in charge of overseeing the deli operations at the Downtown store. The most rewarding part of his job is having customers leave with exactly what they wanted. Ian recommends trying one of the made from scratch chef salads in the deli service case.

Produce Department Manager

Washington Roman

A six year veteran of Cosentino's, Washington spends his days supervising the produce department and ensuring that it is well stocked, fresh and appealing to the customers. He appreciates any and all commentary from customers not only on the produce department but the entire store.

Downtown Store Director

Steve Husk

Steve has been with Cosentino's management team for nearly ten years and has a strong work background in grocery, convenience stores and gasoline before prior to joining the company. Steve has always enjoyed working with customers; the fast pace and always changing atmosphere.

Downtown Catering Manager

Ryan Bagby

Ryan has worked as the Catering Manager of Cosentino’s for two years and especially enjoys ensuring the success of his events from start to finish. His primary duties include food production, menu creation, and of course event planning.

Office Manager

Michelle Barrett

Michelle has worked for Cosentino's for 20 years and leads our Customer Service team in providing outstanding customer service. Her goal is simple: 'Make our customers happy!"

Floral Department Manager

Jody L McCauley

After 5 years with Cosentino’s Jody’s main priority is taking care of fresh flowers, ordering bouquets and filling orders for customers as needed. Jody’s favorite part of her job is meeting people who come in from all over the United States to check out Cosentino’s Market.

Downtown Market Manager

John Sheets

After working at Cosentino’s for over five years John still loves that he can keep customers pleased with their purchases and assist them whenever needed. His job consists of managing the ordering, stocking, and taking inventory of his assigned products.

Downtown Bakery Manager

Kathy Huddleston

Kathy has worked at Cosentino’s for over five years doing everything from cake decorating and gelato production to supervising over 20 employees and controlling the inventory. Kathy gets the most enjoyment out of customer service and seeing their reaction to a finished product.