Our Seafood Department

We procure our fresh fish and seafood from local purveyors who deliver every day to local restaurants and select retailers like Cosentino’s Market. We purchase in small quantities to keep our inventory moving. Simply put; if it’s not fresh, we won’t sell it. For further information about Seafood sustainability, please visit www.msc.org or www.montereybayaquarium.org.


Clams, mussels and oysters are filter-feeding shellfish that are extremely well-suited to aquaculture. For this reason, we sell many varieties of domestic and imported farm-raised mollusks. All fresh mollusks should be alive when you buy them (tap the shell – it should close). When cooking, discard any that do not open in the cooking process.


Ever wonder what those numbers mean when describing shrimp sizes? That is the average count of shrimp to equal one pound. A 51-60 shrimp is pretty small, and a U-10 can be as big as 2 ounces EACH! We stock shrimp harvested from waters all around the USA, and do not recommend any imported fresh shrimp at this time.


Whether you prefer the smaller Snow/Opilios, or the huge King Crabs, we take pride in offering these crabs from the icy waters off the Alaskan coast. We also obtain Dungeness and Blue crabs when available.


Our all-natural premium sea scallops are dry packed to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.

Alaskan Halibut

A well-managed and sustainable species, Alaskan Halibut is available seasonally from May to November.

Swordfish and Marlin

We only stock these species if they have been caught in US coastal waters- preferably near Hawaii


​We primarily carry fresh, never frozen sashimi-grade Yellowfin tuna. Due to current worldwide fishing pressure, we will not carry Bluefin tuna. Quickly grilled or pan-seared – this tuna is a special experience!

Wild Caught Salmon (Seasonal)

When available, we will offer King, Coho, Sockeye, or Steelhead salmon. These beauties are offered whole, in fillet or cut as salmon steaks. Enjoy the difference of Wild Caught specialty salmon!

Salmon Fillets

Our fishmongers take the time to hand-cut our salmon fillets from whole fish, right here in the store every day.

Meat and Seafood Departments Manager

Bryan Walburn

After 21 years of working at Cosentino’s Bryan still loves taking care of their valuable customers. His primary duties include taking care of any customer requests and making sure that his display cases are full, fresh, and inviting.

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