Our Deli and Salad Bar

Soup & Salad Bar

Our salad bar is stocked fresh throughout the day with an impressive array of fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, soups, meats and other delectable items! Browse the ever-changing lineup and create your perfect salad. FAQ – how long is the salad bar at the Downtown Market? It is 83 feet in length, and at the time it was installed, was the largest salad bar ever built by our manufacturer.

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Prepared Foods and Deli

Chef Prepared

We know today’s shoppers are busier than ever, and cooking sometimes takes too much time. Our team of in-store chefs are ready to help with fresh foods prepared each and every day, using the finest ingredients; often from right here in the store!Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 2.12.12 PMOur salads aren’t the typical potato, macaroni and coleslaw you’ll find at the big box supermarkets. We make most our salads from scratch, and offer choices like Tuna and White Bean Salad, Moraccan Cous Cous salad, ‘Bleu’ potato salad, Market Hummus, and our ‘almost world famous’ Market Chicken Salad. We adjust our selections seasonally, to ensure you get the best quality. You can also count on the Market kitchen to prepare an ever-changing selection of entrees, ready-to-heat or ready-to-eat. In addition to our special recipe of Fresh Hand Breaded Fried Chicken, choose from menu offerings such as Brined Thick Cut Pork Chop, Chicken Parmesan, Individual Beef Wellington and Pan-Seared Tuna loin. (Product availability adjusted daily for freshness and seasonality). We also offer the Chef’s Daily Special. Here’s where our culinary team really lets their creative juices flow! We post a new list of daily specials each week.

Grab n’ Go

In a hurry? Stop in to grab a pre-made salad or sandwich to go. We make them fresh throughout the day, and always have a number of flavor choices available. Planning a get together? Let Cosentino’s meet your needs with its fine selection of deli party platters. From jumbo shrimp, to kabobs, to a cheese sampler tray, Cosentino’s has what you need to make your next party a big hit

Premium Deli Meats

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Boar’s Head

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Cosentino’s Market Deli is proud to offer Boar’s Head ® brand of meats and cheeses. Over the years, most other manufacturers of delicatessen products have made compromises in quality for the sake of convenience and economy. But the manufacturers of Boar’s Head Brand have never done so. To this day, four generations later, descendants of the family still insist on the same unwavering commitment to those high standards set by found Frank Brunckhorst long ago.


Founded in 1896, Molinari & Sons has carried on the traditional Italian art of sausage-making in the cool climate of San Francisco. Through four generations, the Molinari family has provided Americans with the finest salamis and Italian sausages of all types. As a family owned business, P.G. Molinari and Sons continues the tradition of quality products and services. While the Molinari Company has expanded and manufacturing processes have been modernized, the company’s commitment to its traditional products has ensured that its reputation for quality has remained consistent throughout the years.

Volpi Foods

Volpi Foods Inc. is family owned and among America’s oldest manufacturers of authentic Italian meats. John Volpi emigrated from Milan, Italy in 1900 in search of the American Dream. He was a Salumiere – a master of salami, prosciutto, and all other dry cured meats. Combining his experience with irrepressible dedication, Volpi re-created the cured meats of his native Italy right here in America’s heartland. Volpi’s nephew Armando Pasetti became President of Volpi Foods in 1957, and the company is currently led by Armando’s daughter Lorenza.Time, tradition and respect for the profession are still the driving forces behind the company, which produces arguably the finest dry cured meats available anywhere.

Specialty Cheeses

Cosentino’s Market offers more than 200 imported and domestic specialty cheeses. Our staff can assist you in putting together a memorable cheese experience for you and your guests. While there are many ways to classify cheese, we think the easiest is by cheese family, which group cheeses by primary characteristics.


Examples include French Pont-l’Eveque, Italina Taleggio or Spanish Mahon.

Uncooked, pressed

English Cheddars and Spanish Manchegos are excellent examples.

Soft-ripened, or Bloomy Rind

Examples include Brie, Camembert, and Italian Toma cheeses.

Natural Rind

They are usually aged for longer periods of time. Examples include English Stilton, Mimolette, and Tomme de Savoie.

Cooked, pressed

Examples include Dutch Gouda, Swiss Gruyere and Emmental and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Fresh Cheese

Usually very moist and mild, with a slight tartness. Examples include Ricotta and Mascarpone.


Examples include American Maytag, French Roquefort, English Stilton and Italian Gorgonzola.


Olives are one of the world’s greatest and most historically coveted foods. An ancient fruit, there exists an enormous variety of olives, and unlimited methods of curing, drying, flavoring and marinating. The olive can be enjoyed as a condiment, appetizer, ground into spreads, simmered in sauces and of course, to add the finishing touch to the perfect Martini. We offer a rotating selection of high-quality olives throughout the year.

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