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From the beginning, our customers have played a vital role in our stores, company, hearts, and lives. The opportunity to get to know each person who walks through the door and build a relationship with him or her is such a gift and blessing to us. It is therefore a true honor to introduce you to some of our most valued, loyal customers every month. I’ll be out and about in our markets talking with these special people and will be sharing bits of our conversations here on the blog! Some of these customers are old and some are new, but all are greatly appreciated.

Spotted: our first “Customer of Cosentino’s” is six-year-old Miss Ava Lynne. Before venturing into the world of first grade, she was found at the Blue Valley Market enjoying lunch with her Nana and Palpal. A girl with refined taste, Ava Lynne selected our hot Asian cuisine for her special lunch. When asked what she likes about the store, she replied, “I don’t just like the food, I LOVE the food. It isn’t just good, it’s AMAZING!” We are so happy to hear you had a great time, Ava, and we look forward to having you back again to wow us with your amazing chopstick skills and contagious smile!

Eager to get the chance to meet more Customers of Cosentino’s soon!


Feeling Grateful,

Kyli Cosentino-Maddox