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Your Questions Answered by a Naturopathic Doctor:  As a Healthy Living Coach, I am often asked about how a person can get to the root of their problem through food and lifestyles changes. Many people feel as if they have hit a dead end or they have no idea where to start. Well…one of the … Continued

National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day is March 1st, so I figured it was a great time to talk about it and share a delicious recipe. Some people love peanut butter and others, for various reasons, avoid it. This blog post will focus on those who love peanut butter and choose to make it a part … Continued

What’s hot! So what’s hot this year in the world of healthy living? We still love superfoods, sipping bone broth & apple cider vinegar, diffusing our essential oils, and increasing our healthy fats but there are new trends that are emerging and expanding this year. These are my top picks for this 2018: Those are … Continued

Are you ready to take care of YOU this New Year? Join us at Cosentino’s Market Blue Valley for a 7-Day Cleanse. We have partnered with Shawnee Mission Health to bring you their 7-Day Cleanse created by Dr. Megan Schlick, ND. Healthy Living Coach Meghan Teska will be facilitating the 7-Day Cleanse at Cosentino’s Market … Continued

The Holidays are here! Are you ready for the holidays? It’s the season to be joyful not stressful, right? We all have added stress this time of year and it comes in different ways. Over committing, over spending, over eating…the list goes on and on. Too much stress can lead to handfuls of issues. Gut … Continued

No matter where you turn you are seeing or hearing about organic foods and labels. Organic foods sales grew 8.4% in 2017 and are quickly approaching $50 billion in sales annually. But what does organic means and what should you be spending money on? I recently sat down with Simply KC Magazine to talk about … Continued

I remember when I was a kid I would trick or treat the entire night with friends and spend Halloween night and the coming weeks filling my face with my candy stash. Fast forward to today and my views on the holiday have slightly changed….okay greatly changed. As a mom and health advocate I won’t … Continued

What is a Healthy Living Coach? Great question! As a Healthy Living Coach I work with families and individuals to meet their health and wellness goals. Who do you work with? Has your doctor suggested you reduce sugar intake, cut out grains, eat more vegetables….? I can help. Do you want to know the latest … Continued