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Spotted: Fr Raphael Ddumba visiting from Uganda, Africa! Not only is it his first time in the United States, Cosentino’s Market Blue Valley happens to be the first indoor market he has ever seen. When he walked inside his eyes immediately grew large and twinkled while exclaiming, “Oh my Goodness, look at all the different … Continued

Spotted: The newly famous Dearborn Drive neighbors enjoying brunch at Cosentino’s! Joyce, who is seated at the head of the table, has become a frequent flyer since our ribbon cutting in July. We are always so happy to welcome her contagiously joyful spirit each and every time she walks Cosentino’s aisles. She continuously tries to thank … Continued

Spotted: Our new friends from Blue Valley High School! These future filmmakers stopped by to capture our new market on film. After touring the store and enjoying delicious tastes from the deli, juice bar, and confectionary, Megan gladly stated, “We will definitely be coming here more often and bringing our friends with us. It’s so … Continued

As a third-generation grocer and active member of a very large Italian family that loves to eat, the irony that I am an absolutely terrible cook is not lost on me. Watching me in the kitchen is essentially like watching a baby deer learn to walk. My family traditionally has Sunday dinners where all members … Continued

From the beginning, our customers have played a vital role in our stores, company, hearts, and lives. The opportunity to get to know each person who walks through the door and build a relationship with him or her is such a gift and blessing to us. It is therefore a true honor to introduce you … Continued

What do grocery stores mean to you? Are they simply places you go to obtain necessary items? Or maybe spaces you find solace amongst their comfortable normalcy? Perhaps they are just part of a pesky to-do list that you have to check off when you always seem to feel rushed and annoyed? What about a … Continued