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Muffin Bottom March

In your kitchen lies many hidden tools that can help you create perfect size portions, as well as help create a cute way to display your main entrée, side dish, or dessert. One of my favorite hidden gems is the muffin tin.

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Grilling Part 2

Becoming a master of the grill is just like becoming an artist to a tasty masterpiece. It takes time, skill and creativity to learn how to perfect your abilities. This blog will feature the mainstays of what we typically envision about grilling. Keep Reading »


Dried up

Drying is one of the oldest methods for preserving foods. Dried foods need little space for storage, are a great way to use produce before spoiling & they add additional nutrients & flavors to foods such as soups. Some dried foods, such as fruit leathers, are a convenient, less messy snack .You can even rehydrate some fruits & vegetables for use later.

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Under Pressure

You can thank the French (notorious for their love of food) for the invention of the pressure cooker. In 1679, French physician Denis Papin invented this pressurized method of cooking utilizing his understanding of physics. It was known that water boils in an open pan at around 212 degrees, whereas, if pressure is added, the boiling point can be raised to 250 degrees. The end result is a much faster cooking method- almost 70% faster.

Much of our advancements in cooking comes as a result of necessity during times of war to either conserve energy or money.  Pressure cookers became popular during World War II as a means of conserving energy. With cooking times sped up by almost 70 percent this meant almost two-thirds less energy. Less energy= more dollars. This method of cooking also save dollars as you can use less expensive cuts of meat and cook in bulk cheaper items such as beans & rice.

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Eating Clean

Search diets on Google, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter and more than likely you will pull up the term “Clean Eating”. Does this mean you currently eat foods that are dirty, foods that are going to clean from the inside out, cleaning your plate or eating foods that will give you that Orbitz gum clean?

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Get Your “Grill” On

Load up on veggies and fruit by placing them on kabobs, foil packs or straight on the grill. Peaches drizzled with honey and placed directly on a grill makes for a great low calorie dessert. Memorial Day signifies the unofficial kick off to summer which means to this dietitian grilling delectable foods, late nights watching the Royals and the occasional ice cold Rolling Rock. Summer is a great time to enjoy healthy AND delicious foods to get you ready for summer. Cosentino’s Market has just what you need to get your “grill” on, and do it healthy too.

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Super Veggies for a Super You!


In what location of the grocery store should you spend the most time? No, not the wine and spirits department : ) It’s the Produce Department! On a nutrient density-to-calorie ratio, nothing beats fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce contains all of nature’s vitamins and nutrients, and on any given day there are literally hundreds of items from which to choose. Let’s take a little stroll down the aisle…

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Daily Detox for a Super You!


Juicing is an excellent way to combine superfoods to create the powerful dose of nutrients your body needs to unlock a super you. This month, Cosentino’s will present you with healthy juicing recipes that use superfood ingredients purchased at your neighborhood Cosentino’s Market.

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