Our Bakery Department

Breads and Rolls

Baked fresh everyday, you’ll find a variety of soft and crusty breads such as, Russian Rye (Pumpernickel), Focaccia, Sour Dough, Egg Dinner Rolls and more. Baked twice daily, we feature our own Cosentino’s Italian Bread, using the same recipe for over 26 years!

Killer Brownie(R) Brownies

KillerBrownieWe’re proud to offer Killer Brownie(R) Brownies as the exclusive retailer in the Kansas City area. Each multi-layered Brownie is a 1/3 lb gooey treat and has a homemade caramel inside. Here is their story:

Some 30 years ago, when we were teenagers, my siblings and I came home to a small brown bag on the kitchen counter with a special treat inside. My dad said, “Try that; it’s a killer brownie.” My dad is a lifelong lover of food who operates Dorothy Lane Market, a specialty food supermarket in Dayton, Ohio. He would use the term “killer” to describe anything over the top, so we simply thought he was describing this big yummy gooey treat. After trying it, we agreed, it was a “killer brownie”! Dad smiled and said, “No, really, that is the brownie’s name! We are going to start making these in the Bakery, and we are going to call it the Killer Brownie®”.

And so began decades of growing affection for this big, yummy, tripled-layered treat that came to represent any special occasion in our home. For brownie lovers everywhere, I invite you to enjoy and share this little piece of indulgence and start your own story…

-Chimene Mayne Ross


Farm to Market Breads

farm-to-market-breadCosentino’s Market is proud to be your destination for Farm To Market Breads. Using traditional European baking methods, the breads are baked and delivered to our store within hours of coming out of the oven. For a list of varieties, and to learn more about Farm To Market Bread Co., visit www.farmtomarketbread.com.

Dessert Tortes

Zebra Torte with Kahlua Syrup

Zebra Torte with Kahlua Syrup

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Visit our certified cake decorators to create the cake just right for you. Choose from traditional floral creations, party ribbon cakes or cakes decorated for your special event. Baby shower, kids’ licensed character cakes and graduation designs are all available in a wide assortment.

Cake Flavors

White, Chocolate, Marble, Yellow and Strawberry


1/4 Sheet – Serves 12-20

1/2 Sheet – Serves 24-40

Full Sheet – Serves 64-88

8″ Inch Round – Serves 10-12


We offer both Buttercream and Whipped Topping Icings available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies n Cream, and Cream Cheese.


Apricot, Bavarian Cream, Pineapple, Strawberry, Lemon, Raspberry



Choose from Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Peanut Butter, M&M. Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, Triple Chocolate with dark and white chocolate chunks and our delicious Iced Sugar Cookies. Available in 1.5 oz and 3 oz. jumbo.


Christopher Elbow Chocolates

NEWceLogo-mediumWe are proud to offer Kansas City’s own Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates.  Choose from bars, toffee, turtles, and 4pc, 9pc, and 16pc chocolates.

Bakery Department Manager

Carol Leeper

Carol has been in the bakery industry for 10 years. She grew up watching her Grand-Mother decorate very elaborate cakes learning how to make roses in High School.

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