Produce Manager

Chris Williams

25+ years Produce experience with Price Chopper in which 11 years of it with Cosentino's.
Passion for freshness and satisfied customers. Sport fanatic! CHIEFS and KU FAN!

Assistant Manager

Marty Fleming

Marty as worked at Cosentino's for five years. His primary responsibilities are assisting all departments in maintaining freshness and quality so that everyone who comes into the store has a positive experience. Marty feels rewarded when people come in and say how much they love the store because there is nothing like it anywhere.

Assistant Manager

Jeremy Fouts

Jeremy has been with Cosentino's since late 2015 and has 11 years of experience in the grocery business. Most of his background is in grocery, speciality foods and health and beauty. Jeremy says that his main goal is "to make sure you leave those front doors happy. As the newest member of management I hope to see you on the sales floor."

Floral Department Manager

Leanne Cramer

Leanne has spent the last 15 years growing the Cosentino’s Floral Shop. Her ability to see a bride’s vision for her wedding day or understand the importance of a “just because” bouquet makes all her arrangements special and unique.

Office Manager

Tina Boydston

Tina has over 10 years customer service and office experience. She not only passes that knowledge along to our new hires and front end employees but her two children as well.

Bakery Department Manager

Carol Leeper

Carol has been in the bakery industry for 10 years. She grew up watching her Grand-Mother decorate very elaborate cakes learning how to make roses in High School.

Specialty Foods Manager

John Martin

John is always looking for the newest, best thing. His expansion of the organic and gluten free items at Brookside Market has been applauded by customers. With a true focus on customer service if John can’t find it it’s probably not out there.

Seafood Department Manager

Paul Olivarez

Serving the foodies of Brookside for over 10 years Paul is always looking for the freshest and most affordable seafood. Paul enjoys cooking as well, and never misses an opportunity to answer questions and help customers.

Meat Department Manager

Gary Weatherly

With almost 30 years in the Cosentino’s meat shop Gary takes pride in hand cutting and trimming any cut of meat for customers. He recently expanded his meat shop to include grass fed beef and wild game selections.

Deli Department Manager

Joe Phillips

Joe has worked for Cosentino's for 10 years, with 20 years experience in the food industry. He has a passion for cheese that serves to enhance the unique shopping experience found at Brookside Market, and keen interest in new foods. Ask him anything!

Store Director

Trisha Brewer

At Cosentino's Market Brookside, you’ll find the freshest and finest products, along with a select variety of specialty items. You’ll also find our knowledgeable staff is committed to making every visit a great one.

"I’m thrilled to be part of the Brookside community,” says Trisha, “and I look forward to getting to know you in the market."

Next time you’re shopping at Cosentino’s Market Brookside, introduce yourself to Trisha. She’s dedicated to providing you with a pleasant, friendly and courteous shopping experience.