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The days of the good ole brown paper bag are long gone; now are the days of Bento boxes, Tupperware compartments or the newest Disney character box. The great thing about the compartmentalized lunch is that it focuses on variety & balance. Fill one spot with protein, fruit/vegetable, grain and possibly a treat.

Becoming a master of the grill is just like becoming an artist to a tasty masterpiece. It takes time, skill and creativity to learn how to perfect your abilities. This blog will feature the mainstays of what we typically envision about grilling.

Grilling is not just for hot dogs and hamburgers! Grilling is a great way to get in those veggies and fruits-not only for that meal but enough to enjoy all week. Think of the extra time spent NOT doing the dishes when you grill an entire meal. 

Did you know there is no real difference in the type of squash that we see in the grocery stores during the winter versus what we have now for the summer?

On one of our last stops on this campaign, we want to highlight a KC gem – Cal Ann Farm. We were able to catch up with Michele Chavey, Business Development of Cal Ann Farm, to talk about Cal Ann Farm and what they offer us here in Kansas City.

Summertime road trips remind me of the Griswold’s summer vacation: spending hours driving your mother, brother or father nuts, all while singing Taylor Swift at the top of your lungs and asking “are we there yet?”. Vacation can be a tough time to manage your unique family personalities and expenses, but it doesn’t have to … Continued

​At Cosentino’s, we pride ourselves in supporting local Kansas City companies and encouraging others to buy local. This week, we talked to Marisa Wiruhayarn, co-owner of Tasty Thai Tiger Sauce. She and her husband Dom own Tasty Thai and Big Bowl Pho, Thai restaurants in Kansas City, MO and Liberty.

Cosentino’s knows at the end of the day we all have a treat tooth, whether that be sweet or salty. Hungry Monkey Party Bites is local and can lend a helping hand with their line of Gourmet Popcorn. Munchie Mastermind Dilon Bond met with us to talk popcorn and his love for the local community.

Finding local bakeries is not the hardest task here in KC, but finding true British pastry products is a different story. Teresa Gebbett, Owner and Head Baker, talked with us about Clock Tower Bakery and her experiences in KC.

We know that it’s not just about us, it’s also about our furry friends. KC Canine Primary is a great local company that shares this opinion with us. The owner, Bill Schwig, gave us some insight on KC Canine and how he loves our furry friends and wants to take care of them just as … Continued