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What is a Healthy Living Coach? Great question! As a Healthy Living Coach I work with families and individuals to meet their health and wellness goals. Who do you work with? Has your doctor suggested you reduce sugar intake, cut out grains, eat more vegetables….? I can help. Do you want to know the latest … Continued

From the beginning, our customers have played a vital role in our stores, company, hearts, and lives. The opportunity to get to know each person who walks through the door and build a relationship with him or her is such a gift and blessing to us. It is therefore a true honor to introduce you … Continued

What do grocery stores mean to you? Are they simply places you go to obtain necessary items? Or maybe spaces you find solace amongst their comfortable normalcy? Perhaps they are just part of a pesky to-do list that you have to check off when you always seem to feel rushed and annoyed? What about a … Continued

In your kitchen lies many hidden tools that can help you create perfect size portions, as well as help create a cute way to display your main entrée, side dish, or dessert. One of my favorite hidden gems is the muffin tin.

Food, chocolate, and wine seem to be “musts” in any romantic movie scene especially on Valentine’s Day. Food is far more than flavor, taste and satisfying hunger; it is memories, too. For the past 7 years, I have made my signature molten cakes in heart shaped ramekins given to me by my mother. You better … Continued

Guys. Valentine’s. Is. This. Weekend. Want to surprise your leading lady? We have the best solution for you: Enter to win FREE Christopher Elbow Chocolate & a bottle of Boulevard Chocolate Raspberry Ale. All you have to do is tell us why you love chocolate! The winner of each location (Downtown and Brookside) will be announced Friday, … Continued

This blog is dedicated to uncommon spins for the most common Super bowl food recipes and creative way to use the leftover munchies. At the start of 2016, I had high hopes that I would to watch the Chiefs in the Big Game, while nervously nibbling on my favorite football foods. I can hope again in 2017, … Continued

Just as there are hot trends in nutrition, there are also hot trends for foodies. This year seems to be the year of indulgence and creativity within your kitchen.

This blog is dedicated to 2016’s up and coming nutrition trends. The food industry in 2016 will have a focus on food sustainability, as well as reducing waste at home. There will also be a call to significantly decrease “engineered” foods and to increase to natural food products. Below are a few selected thoughts from … Continued