Recipe for Royals Recovery

These last few weeks have felt like “I have been out of my normal routine but now since the Royals are done I need to get back on track”. Between a change in normal eating habits and the significantly reduced sleep, everyone is feeling the effects of the Royal’s festivities. Keep Reading »


Ingredients for the Immune System

It is the most wonderful time of the year, but the holiday season also signifies the start of cold & flu season. Now is the time to incorporate foods in your diet that can strengthen your immune system and keep you from the “ho hums” of the seasonal bugs.

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Tea Time

Tea is universal. A beverage containing nutritional qualities, along with delightful flavor, makes for a beverage must. Tea can be enjoyed hot, cold or room temperature. The hardest part is choosing which one! This blog will review a few of the types of tea and their believed health benefits.

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Oatmeal cookies on rustic table

Secrets to Sleep

With only 24 hours in a day, who has time to sleep? Researchers have agreed that most individuals should aim for at least 6 hours sleep, with the perfect amount being 7-8 hours of sleep to function your best. Below are eight reasons why you should sleep more and eight ways to help you get those eight hours.

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Not Just Your Average Cup of Joe

What is the one beverage that is universally desired whether it is 100 degrees or 10 degrees below zero? COFFEE!  Coffee not only has many medicinal benefits but also a robust flavor that can be used as a rub for meat, an enhancement for dessert and an ingredient in facial products. Keep Reading »


Running on Empty….

As a dietitian that specializes in sports, a common question I receive is ‘what should I eat before my workout and what should I eat after?’ It seems like an easy question to answer, but it all depends on your fitness goal. Perhaps you are aspiring for “massive gains” or “massive wanes”- both require fueling before and after but your choices and amounts will differ. Keep Reading »


Go Bento

The days of the good ole brown paper bag are long gone; now are the days of Bento boxes, Tupperware compartments or the newest Disney character box. The great thing about the compartmentalized lunch is that it focuses on variety & balance. Fill one spot with protein, fruit/vegetable, grain and possibly a treat. Keep Reading »


Grilling Part 2

Becoming a master of the grill is just like becoming an artist to a tasty masterpiece. It takes time, skill and creativity to learn how to perfect your abilities. This blog will feature the mainstays of what we typically envision about grilling. Keep Reading »


Make it a Grill Meal

Grilling is not just for hot dogs and hamburgers! Grilling is a great way to get in those veggies and fruits-not only for that meal but enough to enjoy all week. Think of the extra time spent NOT doing the dishes when you grill an entire meal.  Keep Reading »


Squash It

Did you know there is no real difference in the type of squash that we see in the grocery stores during the winter versus what we have now for the summer? Keep Reading »

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